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Here you will find a list of the available speakers at AartunSpeakers. You can get more information about the specific speaker on their profiles. If you would like help to ​book​ the perfect keynote for your ​special event​, but do not know yet who you are looking for, feel free to contact us. On our contact page you can also inquire about​ price​ and availability dates.


Johan Stael Von Holstein

Serial entrepreneur

Ryan Blair

Serial entrepreneur & writer

Rahfeal Gordon

Entrepreneur, writer & motivational speaker

Mac Macartney

International speaker, writer and change-maker

Adjiedj Bakas

Trendwatcher & speaker

Paul Iske

Professor of Open Innovation

Lisa Lipkin

Storytelling Expert & speaker

Queen Diambi

Queen of Congo & speaker

Anders Indset

The Business Philosopher

Partha Parthasarathy

Founder & Managing Director

Stian Rustad

Founder & Managing Director

Michael Levine

Media & PR expert

Arturo Henriquez

Founder & Managing Director
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